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Julia Rogers —An Artist in Her Studio

Allison MooreComment

Julia is a dear friend of mine that I first met at an artist's group in Reading, England about 9 or 10 years ago. She brought in a box spilling over with delicate sketches on tissue paper and  scattered line work done with needle and thread. I was immediately fascinated by what must be in her brain that I realized I'd discovered a new best friend. Fortunately we were also neighbors so we were able to grow close in both life and art.  I visited her for ten days last August, and I wanted to capture some of the work she is doing now. Being in her home studio in Margate, UK is a little like having entered a portal into her creative mind. Here is a window.

Julia's work and musings can be perused at

“Personality is everything in art and poetry.
— Goethe
“Creativity takes courage.
— Henri Matise