Allison Adams

Visual Storytelling


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This is Dana.  A trained ballerina and my Pilates teacher. When you see her legs, you'll understand.  She is also a mother, and believe it or not, a grandmother.  She has amazing eyebrows and cheekbones and a thick mane of hair that she is gracefully letting turn grey. One day in barre class, I looked more closely at her and it was as if I suddenly saw a strong Native American who had just walked off some ancient plain.  I asked her if she was American Indian and she said she was indeed.  A major part Cherokee.  Lucky for me, she was willing to see what we could bring out in a photo-shoot.  I think we managed to showcase her natural beauty as well as bring out a shadow of her heritage.  Sometimes I wonder...if our ancestors had had cameras like we do now...over many hundreds of years, except for styling, wouldn't our faces look pretty much the same?  

Styling and makeup by Nicole Knight.  Wardrobe and Jewelry by Janine Sylstra