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Visual Storytelling


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Among many other interesting things, Synnove is a Norwegian novelist, living in New Zealand. As her books are being published in Norway, and there is a bit of a distance between the two countries, its been challenging to organize photo-shoots with the Norwegian press.  So she literally met the problem half-way and had me take photos while she was visiting California!  We thought we would just take a camera along that morning and see what happened, with no real plan in mind. This was the first week of school, so it felt like a surprise to have the beach to ourselves after a crowded summer. Because the tide was low, we stumbled on this amazing keyhole-arch in the rocks. (I admit I got drenched by a rogue wave when my back was turned. but Synnove stayed poised and elegant the whole time.)

I think these pictures show that for the right person, creative spontaneity is best. In my mind, a mystical story emerged as she spent time exploring this strange and beautiful little world.